America's Specialty Finance Company

America’s Specialty Finance Company is a boutique real estate lender specializing in financing the American Entrepreneur. We provide our customers with the capital they need on terms that make sense. We have the capital you need to achieve your financial goals. We turn short term loans into long term relationships.

What We Do

We finance the American Real Estate Entrepreneur. Our mission is to provide you with the short-term fast moving capital needed to help you achieve your financial goals. By taking a relationship approach to a transaction oriented business we are able to attract great clients. As entrepreneurs, our clients all understand that age-old maxim: The availability of capital is far more important than the price. The cost of capital is but one component in your formula for financial success. The real measure is your return on your equity. How fast do you want to go?

We pride ourselves on being responsive to you on a timely basis. We decide quickly and we close with lightning speed. All our people are seasoned professionals. There is rarely a problem that we haven’t encountered or a situation we can’t fix.

Bring us your opportunities and we will construct a deal that is a win-win for all. We don’t believe in “one size fits all.” We work with you, the experienced investor/entrepreneur, and we will do whatever it takes to fashion a deal that is a win-win for all involved. If it’s something that we cannot fund we will simply tell you that or tell you what we would need to make it possible. Whether your deal is as “vanilla” as needing 80% of the purchase price for a rehab property or as elaborate as needing to fund a deal with complex properties in several states, give us a call and we will find a way to make it work. We are America’s Specialty Finance Company. We turn short term transactions into long term relationships. Your success is our success. Call us today.

“Thank you for coming through for us on such short notice. It was a pleasure working with your attorney, what she did in the short period of time we had, was just short of a miracle. I think you guys have a unique and special approach, and we value that immensely. I hope this is the very first deal of many more to come. My team and I are looking forward to working with you all in the future.”

Jerry K. Kasabyan, Chief Executive Officer
Commonwealth Casualty Company

“I will absolutely consider you guys first for any loans needing hard money. You were quick, upfront, worked with me on the rate, and got the deal done. Everything I could hope for! Thank you.”

Dan Kiel, Vice President
Commercial Real Estate Services

“Matt: It has been a great pleasure working with such professionals like you and Michelle. Your service and follow up is something I never saw from a hard money lending company. You guys really have the level of service, courteous service, speed and follow up that normally is only characterized by a local community bank.”

Ricardo Valdes
Rivaki Investments, LLC

We turn short term loans into long term relationships.

Tell Us About Your Opportunity

From plain vanilla, short-term, private mortgage money to the more complex real estate deals, we can custom-tailor a solution for you.

Please reach out to see how we can help make your deal successful.


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